2006 – present

  • Running Time: 60 minutes
  • 8 seasons
  • IMDb rating: 9
  • My rating: 8

Based on the book series by Jeff Lindsay, the Dexter series has been wildly successful all over the world.

The story follows Dexter Morgan, a serial killer with a difference. Dexter only kills other serial killers, but also works for Miami Metro Police’s blood spatter analysis division  . Dexter tries desperately to blend in with the public; to be normal and hide his murderous tendencies. The result of this is eight seasons of captivating television. The show keeps you guessing and isn’t afraid to depict murder cases that would turn your hair white. Prepare yourself for some dark stuff, Dexter is not for kids!

Dexter definitely offers a break from your typical crime show, which lord knows, I am sick to death of. They give us nothing new, just killer, twist, conclusion, repeat, but Dexter is different. I mean, he’s a serial killer who investigates serial killers!

I think a lot of Breaking Bad fans will see a likeness between Dexter and Walt and how they put up a front for their families. Regardless of any similarities between the two shows, Dexter is a firm favourite of mine, and with eight seasons, there’s plenty of fodder to keep you busy and more importantly, entertained.


Picture credit: Showtime

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